General terms of use – Privacy Policy

General terms of use

By using this application, you are agreeing the following conditions. Please read them carefully:

Our intention is to offer a useful tool to those students of technical and technological careers; therefore, you must accept that you will use this application according to the following:

  • As an end user for personal and only for non-commercial use.
  • As a teacher or student with purely academic purposes.

This tool is the conjunction of relatively new technologies and is developed to work in a diverse variety of platforms, making it impossible to test this app on each of the platforms that can execute it; consequently, its use is not considered safe in precision activities where an error could endanger lives or where it could cause any material damage. Hence, we do not offer any guarantee, explicit or implicit, about its suitability for any specific use.

As developers and suppliers of this application, we will not be responsible for any accidental collateral damage or consequential damage, related or caused by the acquisition or use of this application. In addition, the sole and exclusive responsibility as developers and distributors, regardless of the form of action, will not exceed the purchase price of the application. Therefore, it is important that you read the user manuals carefully before using this application.

Privacy Policy

This application uses Google’s AdMob to display advertisement on mobile devices, this service could use the mobile’s identity to show personalized ads to the user according to its interests. To learn more about the information collected by Google services and their privacy policy, please enter the following links: